Call for Application Workshop “In a single shot” for emerging filmmakers and film students

The Goethe-Institut Vilnius in close collaboration with Contemporary Art Center (Šiuolaikino meno centras) and Audiovisual Arts Industry Incubator offers this unique workshop for emerging filmmakers, to be held at the Contemporary Art Center from July 11 to July 25, 2017. Application deadline: June 19, 2017.

“The task at hand is to present the topic “work” by means of a single video sequence; in other words, you will produce videos consisting of only one sequence. The topic is work: paid, unpaid, material or immaterial, traditional or entirely new work. This assignment formally introduces the foundations of filming, as you need to find out:
When can we find a beginning and an end even if a repetitive process is being shown? Should the camera be moved or stand still? What is the best way to capture the choreography of a work process in a single sequence? Early films told us: Every detail of the mobile world is worth being documented and considered. And they had a fixed point of view, whereas today’s documentary film only too often presents sequence upon sequence because it is undecided.” H. Farocki/Antje Ehmann



The workshop in Vilnius is the continuation of a series of workshops held by German artists Harun Farocki and Antje Ehmann in 15 cities worldwide.
Workshops took place in Sligo (Ireland), Lisbon (Portual), Bangalore (India), Geneva (Switzerland), Tel Aviv (Israel), Berlin (Germany), Cairo (Egypt), Rio de Janeiro (Brasil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Lodz (Poland), Moscow (Russia), Hanoi (Vietnam), Boston (USA), Mexico City, Johannesburg (South Africa), and Tsingtao (China).

The Masterclass LABOUR IN A SINGLE SHOT will be continued by documentary filmmaker Eva Stotz. The first masterclass takes place in VILNIUS. Invited are directors, cinematographers, sound designers, students at a film school and students in media and videoart. Workshop, research and shooting will be organized in teamwork. In case students do not have the necessary equipment we will provide them with it.


Masterclass of Eva Stotz

Eva Stotz is a Berlin-based documentary director who focuses on the effect of globalisation on social phenomena. In her documentary films, such as One Million Steps, Sollbruchstelle, and Global Home, she has documented the worldwide devaluation of work, the power of alternative web-based networks, and the spirit of the occupy movement expressed in the Gezi protests in Istanbul. Her films were screened and awarded at film festivals worldwide, including Jury Award FIFA Montréal, Best Experimental Film Bamberg, Audience Award FIFA Aubagne, German Television Award 2009, DOKLeipzig and many others.

Eva constantly expands the genre and uses the power of documentary storytelling in audio-visual performances like Moments of Movement or in the interactive project Field Trip. Eva is co-author of the book Documentary Film in its making and founded her production company ronjafilm in 2012 in Berlin. She is a regular guest in discussion rounds and panels and runs documentary classes in cooperation with various institutes, including Harvard University, German Film- and Television Academy Berlin, Raindance Institute London, Bahçeşehir

University Istanbul. In 2015 she received the Tarabya scholarship by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, curated by Goethe Institute Istanbul.

„In Sollbruchstelle, I documented the psychological and social facets of work: identity, social value, self-esteem, status. I’m looking forward to investigating this powerful topic with filmmakers in Vilnius, and precisely applying documentary tools in capturing local working life. Harun Farocki’s fascinating films have been an inspiration for me for a long time. We have a common interest in the topic of work. Therefore it is a tremendous pleasure and honour to continue the workshops of Harun and Antje in this exciting city.“

Web Catalogue

Selected films from the workshops can be accessed at the following sites:

Selected films will be shown in museums and galleries in future international locations. Initial exhibits took place among others in Tel Aviv, Lisbon, Lodz (Poland), Bangalore (India), Mexico City, Montreal, Boston, Berlin, Venice, Seoul, Minsk, Barcelona, Madrid, Innsbruck and Munich.

A maximum of 25 film students, video artists or filmmakers will be selected from all applicants to participate in the workshop. All age groups are welcome – students, independent film makers, professors dedicated to documentary film making, and alumni. Selection criteria are: creativity in film-making, ideas, engagement, and outstanding film results. The Vilnius workshop will have a special focus on the representation of manual work in agriculture and intellectual work in New Media.


Contemporary Art Center (SMC=Šiuolaikino meno centras), Vokieciu 2, Vilnius Audiovisual Arts Industry Incubator (=AMI), Senojo Minko pl 92, Vinius. 


Wednesday, July 12, 6–10 p.m.: First session (SMC)
Introduction (Participants and their projects, Workshop Goals, Watch Lumiere Films and Remake, Discussion on the topic of work. How can you film work? What is Research? Examples of Harun Farocki films)

Thursday, July 13, 7-10 p.m.: Second session (SMC)
Preparation (Camera: Movement, Attitude, Angle, Attitude as filmmaker, Concrete shooting preparation, technical and organisational)

July 13 – 16.07 Shooting I

Sunday, July. 16, 6 -10 p.m.: Third session (AMI)
Group Feedback I (Feedback on first shooting samples, Sound: Sounddesign, Sound and its effect, Preparation Shooting II, Formation of Excursiongroups)

July 16 – 19.07 Shooting II

Wednesday, July 19, 5-9 p.m.: Fourth session (SMC)
Group Feedback II (on Intensity, Rhythm, Revelation) Preparation of Sound Editing

July 20 – 22.07 Sound Editing

Sunday, July 23, 6- 10 p.m.: Fifth session (AMI)
Selection (of the films, talking about In – and Out Points)

Monday, July 24, 1-4p.m./5-8 p.m.: Sixth session (AMI):
Submission and collation of films. Exact timing to be determined, individually and by groups.

Tuesday, July 25, 6 p.m.: Final public screening of workshop films (SMC)


At the beginning of the workshop, each participant will present a proposal based on advance research and comprising the specific type of work to be filmed, the manner of filming in a single sequence, the protagonist and/or the location. The workshop will include theory as well as practical work. Days without scheduled sessions are reserved for research and filming in groups. Exact schedules will be decided during the workshop. Participants will take on various assignments.

Application DEADLINE: June 19th, 2017


a) Fluency in English (the workshop will be held in English)

b) The applicant has either participated in a short film or a movie (as an actor or in the production process) or is a film student at a film school or in media and videoart.

c) Workshop attendance is free of charge. Participants will cover their own cost for travel, accommodations and meals.

d) The participant agrees to attend all workshop sessions. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate of attendance, and their film will be
posted on the project’s website.

e) Only individual applications will be accepted – no group applications, please.

f) The applicant may bring his/her own camera and equipment.

g) The application form should be completed in full and submitted online.
It can be found at
If you are selected, your name will be published on the organizers’ website.

h) Selected participants will be notified by email on June 25, 2017. On the same day, the list of selected participants will be published.

Entry Conditions/ Terms of the invitation

1. The film material which is produced during the workshop will be used for the exhibits “IN A SINGLE SHOT” and the website.

2. The name of the participant will be published.



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